W-260 Chiefs canoe gun


Chiefs grade trade guns were upgraded trade guns more closely resembling the typical English fowlers of the day. They were much more refined than the basic trade versions and were much sought after as a sign of status. These were offered  to chiefs to seal trade agreements and treaties.

This fine example is a 28 gauge version shortened to 28 inches for light weight and maneuverability.

It uses an octagon to round barrel inlet to a plain maple stock styled as an English fowler and trimmed in brass chiefs grade trim cast from originals. Included is the stylized Indian chief thumb piece cast in pewter only found on these guns. It also uses the ribbed brass trade gun ram rod thimbles including an entry thimble with a soldered on tail piece.

The lock is the L&R Queen Anne round faced fowler lock featuring a rain proof pan and bridled frizzen and tumbler with fly. It throws a shower of sparks when tripped by a simple trigger housed in a small chiefs fowler style cast brass guard.    

This kit will go together easily because of the quality of the inlets and ease of construction. Checkout the “Build Info” tab for more details on assembly and finishing. Check out “Finishing a Gun In The White” and see if you’d rather have the fun of finishing without the challenge of building.

I you just don’t have the time the time tools or talent our skilled craftsmen can assemble it for you to finish for an additional $500 or completely finish it to your specs for an additional $700.

Anyway you choose it’s a great “One Of A Kind” buy at only $699.