W-26 Jaeger 62 smooth



Here are the makins for a truly versatile one of a kind early style muzzleloader.

As a 20 ga. smoothbore this gun can literally do anything from hunt deer, bear, elk, turkey, squirrel, bunnies, hogs, doves, pheasant or ducks. These smoothbore barrels are capable of shooting clover leaf groups out to 50 yards and saucer size groups at 100.


This 36”x 1” octagon to round barrel is mated to a CM-4 curly maple stock fully inlet for the RE Davis Jaeger lock available in flint or percussion. This gun will finish up beautifully. The trim is in brass with a nice wide butt plate to absorb the recoil and early Germanic Jaeger style trim.

Everything you need to complete the build is included at a great price of only $699.

We can even cut the butt to profile and solder on the underlugs and dovetail the sights and breech the barrel for you for $100. It’s a lot of bang for the buck.