W-24 Jaeger 58 percussion



Here is a great looking, authentically styled hunting gun with awesome power that you can build easily.

This “one of a kind” Jaeger kit will go together in a snap for a great winter project.

All the hard work has been done for you. 


The CM-1 maple stock is fully inlet for the 1”x 32” 58 cal barrel, 3/8 ramrod, Acanthus leaf butt plate, triggers and RE Davis Jaeger percussion lock. The only inletting left to do is the tang, trigger plate and thimbles. It’s about two steps away from being assembled in the white, so it’s really more of an assembly process rather than a full build.

The 58 cal barrel has already been fitted with a hooked breech for easy take down.

The drum has been installed and indexed too. The sights and underlugs have already been dovetailed for you. The barrel features shallow groove rifling and a 1x 48 twist so it’s perfect for both patched round ball or 525 grain hollow point conical lead bullets for truly awesome knockdown power. The combination of large caliber, shallow rifling, and percussion ignition make this a perfect choice for a hunting gun. There is only one, so when it’s gone ….it’s gone!

The trim is available in brass or steel.


The lock is the RE Davis Jaeger flintlock conversion percussion lock, tripped by a simple high pined trigger, so you don’t need to worry about scaring game away.

Everything you need to complete this great little rifle is included at only $799