W-158 Seminole blanket gun


We had just enough parts on hand to put together a cool little 1820’s era blanket gun.

These guns are historically correct and give re enactors something different to use in their skirmishes.

Meant to be slung over the shoulder and under a blanket these hand held weapons were a big surprise to an unsuspecting foe. Too big for a holster and too heavy to stick in your sash, a woven shoulder sling is perfect for comfortable carry.

This one uses all brand new parts to replicate repurposed weapons salvaged from the battle scenes.

This one is in 50 cal with a fast twist barrel for pistol type accuracy in a short barreled gun.

The 7/8 round barrel is 12” long and held by rawhide in a maple stock with an iron fowler guard.

This is a percussion gun, so it represents a later era coinciding with the westward expansion or the Seminole wars and skirmishes with the US Army along the southern frontier.

These are great conversation starters (or enders). No camp should be without one at only $499.