W-147 Pony Gun War Club



They say “don’t bring a tomahawk to a gun fight”, but this awesome weapon may change their minds. This takes “war club” to a whole new level. Gunstock shaped war clubs were very popular among the plains Indian tribes of the upper Missouri.. This one is awesome.


In a skirmish situation, after the first shot your gun became a club anyway. This one is still a deadly weapon in several ways. It still has its ram rod so a second shot is possible if you had time to reload. It’s a smoothbore, so loading is easy and the results are wicked when loaded with just about anything to thin out the crowd.


The barrel is an octagon to round 28 ga. (54 smooth) cut to14 ½ inches.

It is held to the hardwood stock with a tang bolt and sun dried rawhide decorated with antiqued brass tacks.

It provides a great grip when used as a club.


The ignition is by flintlock firing into a drilled and coned vent by means of a plain trigger. It’s a great sparker.  

The trim is in antiqued brass with the trigger guard secured by screws and wrapped by rawhide too.



The hardwood stock has been inlet with a cast spear point pinned to the comb to make this a very wicked war club.

You can just see this hand held weapon being swung with devastating effect.


The point does not get in the way when held like a pistol and it’s long enough for both hands if necessary as a club.

This great little gun is 26 inches overall.

It will look great in your sash or used as a blanket gun with a woven strap over the shoulder.

No lodge should be without one for only $379.