W-140 Rustic Plains Rifle 54


Most rifles headed to the new frontier were built east of the Mississippi where most of the gun makers had set up shop. This recently finished gun is a good example. In addition, it served its owner well in the travel west, and has the scars to prove it. It has been purposely built to reflect the rustic life of years on the frontier. The necessary repairs were done with what was on hand at the moment. This one shows rawhide used to hold the barrel to the broken stock and cover the cracked trigger guard. We call these “Indian” repair jobs. It makes for a very rustic look.

Of course the parts are all brand new, but they have been aged to look the part of leading a rough life. At the heart of this new rifle is a Green Mountain 1” x 36” 54 cal barrel. It is fitted with a fixed breech and tang and the long hooked breech tang inlet in the stock has been re fitted with inlayed wood. The barrel is pinned in three places and the rear entry thimble is actually a 10”x 3/8”ID brass tube glass bedded into the fore end to totally strengthen the mid section of the stock.

The lock of choice is the L&R large Manton flint featuring Rain resistant pan, deep rain gutters, roller frizzen and stirruped mainspring for lightning fast ignition even in bad weather. This a great hunting gun.

The plains style stock is carved in walnut and stained very dark with Cordovan dye. It features a square style cheek piece with a 13 ¼” LOP. The butt plate is the plains style as is the trigger guard wrapped in rawhide. It houses a simple plated trigger replacing the long Hawken double set. The iron trim is finished in a dark matt brown so this gun has a sinister “black gun” look. Even the brass ramrod thimbles decorative tacks and front sight are antiqued dark. We’ll even add a handmade beaded frizzen cover and   a red blanket wool gun case.

This gun has a great rustic look and you won’t see another one like it. You’ll find the price very attractive too at only $1299 for a very custom gun with all new parts.