RTF-223 Tenn Classic 36


We get so many requests for small caliber guns that most are sold while still under construction before we can get them on the site. It’s no wonder. Small caliber guns are getting harder and harder to find or even build. Some parts are getting scarce and will soon be getting even scarcer. 32 cal barrels have been out of production from the major suppliers for several years and the 36 is headed the same way. They will soon become special order only and you know what that means. Black powder and lead is a factor too, and these little guns are still economical to shoot.

We purposely kept the price way low on this one, so you can have all the fun of finishing your own gun you own way, without the frustration of a complete build.

This gun is completely assembled and functional, ready for your personal touches in  wood and metal finish. It has been purposely taken “above and beyond” to make it even easier for you to complete. Check out “Finishing a gun in the white” under the BUILD INFO tab for details on what is yet to be done and how.

This little cutie uses a rare Green Mountain 13/16 x 42” barrel in 36 caliber. It is mated to a stock shaped in the thin classic southern style in CM-1 curly maple for a little added character. This fine gun is not a poor boy. It comes with a butt plate, toe plate, side plate, entry thimble, nose cap and set triggers and we even added a hole in the rear of the cheek for a quill vent pick.

The lock of choice is the L&R Classic flintlock. This lightning fast beauty is a very sophisticated and beautifully crafted flintlock made here in the USA and fully guaranteed. It features a rain proof pan and roller frizzen. It throws a shower of sparks directly into a drilled and coned vent perfectly placed in the “sunrise” position above the pan and is tripped by adjustable double set triggers at a 13 ¾” LOP.

The trim is in iron of course in the classic southern style. We left the pins long so you’ve got something to grab on to when it’s time to take it apart for finish. The wood will sand up easily and there’s more curl hiding in there too. This light weight little beauty will finish up easy and make a great squirrel rifle. If you just don’t have the time for this much fun, we’ll even finish it for you for $200.

Here is a great way to have the fun part of building a custom gun for yourself.

All the hard part is done and ready for your personal touches.

This a lot of bang for the buck for only $1299.