Preview of Coming Attractions


Here’s a chance to get a little ahead of the game!

We’re going to give you a peek at new things coming soon!

A lot of these are “One-of-a-kind” finds that we haven’t even taken pictures of yet or written copy for the web pages. Some are already in the hands of our builders. Some are already under construction. Some are just really cool parts of an idea.

You’ll need to call for details, but if something here rings your bell here’s a chance to be first in line. You may be able to get it while its still in kit form or have it assembled in the white with your own personal touches or final finished just the way you want.

It takes a while for us to stage and take pics, write copy, format pages and get it on the web. If we can save some time and money we can pass the savings on to you!

If you see something you like call 989-574-5726 for details.

Here they are as of

March 2017 Hurry!

We’ve moved some of these projects into our Florida inventory so here’s how to tell which

PV  Available June thru September only

PVF Available October thru May only  

PV-M    Moravian Transitional 50

PV-EW  Early Wilson Trade gun

PV- RR  Rogers Rangers Bess Carbine

PVF- CB   Maple Club Butt Pirate musketoon 17″ oct/rnd 45 cal coned cannon nose  

PV- BB   Maple Boys Beck 3/4″ x 36″

PV-WK  Walnut Kids or ladies gun 3/4″ barrel channel

PVF -KG Maple Kids Gun  7/8 x 22″ 32 cal 

PV- LG Maple Ladies or Youth rifle 3/4 x 22″  45 cal

PV-J  Coffee wood (locust) 62 cal Virginia rifled fowler (under construction)

PV-32   Spalted maple late Lancaster 15/16″ 54 (under construction)

PVF-11   Ash stocked Bean style halfstock 13/16″

PV-12   Hackberry stocked Tenn Bean 38″ swamped A 32 cal

PVF- 13  Ash Carolina 44″ GM 40 cal swamped A

PV-HF   P+ maple halfstock fowler 36” 20 ga w/original Damascus barrel

PV-27    Maple P+ Virginia Rifle 39” oct/rnd 50 cal 

PV-33    Maple P++ Virginia Rifle 44″ oct/rnd 50 cal

PVF-34   CM-5 Tenn. 15/16 L&R Durrs Egg lock inlet 

PV-35    CM-5 Bedford 7/8 L&R bedford lock inlet