P-4 Colonial Pistol



Here is the perfect companion piece for your favorite rifle.

Great for hunting or reenacting and for that second backup shot.

The stock is fully inlet in various grades of curly maple in 13/16 and 7/8 inch barrel channels, so it can match anything up to 50 cal. The barrel channel is 10 inches long but can be easily shortened as you need. The lock area is inlet for the L&R small Manton or the MGS Classic lock featuring a modern bridle and fly and a sure fire recarbonized frizzen that sparks like crazy!  This great USA made lock has traditional Germanic styling and is sized larger than the small Siler and, of course, is fully guaranteed.

The barrel can be ordered cut and crowned at any length with the breech plug installed and dovetailed for sights and underlug at only $50 labor

The Colonial pistol brass trim is sized for pistol use and comes complete with everything you’ll need to build this fun project at only $449.