P-10 French Tulle Pistol


Here is the perfect matching companion to your French Tulle Fusil de Chase


The stock is shaped from Grade A American walnut or maple to match your smoothbore and fully shaped in the early “dragoon” style and inlet for the barrel, lock, trigger, ramrod and butt cap trim.

The barrel is a tapered oct/round 20 ga. or 28ga. in 10” lengths.

It is fully breeched and indexed with sights and underlugs already installed.

The lock is the RE Davis MGS Classic Flintlock, American made with all modern internals and fully guaranteed. 

The steel trim includes a finely detailed investment cast long eared butt cap, trigger guard and side plate and simple trigger. All parts are included to build this fine piece. With this degree of inletting and the detailed castings this is a really easy build to finish. We can assemble it for you for $500 labor or completely finish it for you for $600 labor. 

These early style pistols are really cool and can be yours for only $489             

Makes a great pirate pistol too!