K-6E Canoe Guns


There never were any trade guns specifically ordered made as canoe guns.

The original Trade Guns and Fusils of the time were very light in weight because barrels were a lot thinner than those we are allowed to use today. Fighting along the frontier was usually close range and fast and frantic with seldom even time for a second shot. After the first shot your gun became a club. As these weapons deflected lead balls, arrows, tomahawks, clubs, horses hooves and wagon wheels, they soon received enough dings and dents to make them unusable. Since nothing went to waste, barrels were simply shortened to get past the bad spot and put back into service. It didn’t take long to realize that a short barreled gun is much easier to load and shoot in a canoe or on horseback. They are also easier to swing around in the woods and load on the run or from a canoe. Hence the name ” Canoe Gun”.

Canoe Gun

A Canoe Gun can be a short North West Trade Gun, an Early English Trade Gun or just a really short fowler.

Canoe Gun Early English

You will find the specs on the components and trim pieces on other pages of this site. The difference is in the length of the stock and barrel.

We have chosen 24″ 20 ga.as the average for the Canoe Gun or Pony Gun but we also have some short rifled barrels available too for saddle guns or trekkers.

NW 54

These little guns are a lot of fun and you can make up your own mystery history of the circumstances that lead to its necessary shortening.

Canoe Guns start at $599

Assembled in the white at $1099    

Fully Finished at $1299