K-58  48″ French Boucanier


The first thing you’ll notice, even from a distance, is the overall length of this fusil.

The barrel alone is four feet long. At an overall length of 63 inches this French fusil is over five feet in length. These original long fusils were extra long to get the maximum burn and barrel pressure out of the weaker powders of the day.

It’s a great, very authentic, look for the late 1600- early 1700’s era.

Every French ship was required to carry an arsenal of these aboard, so they were some of the earliest guns traded up and down the coast, from gulf to the cape.

What may appear to be clumsy and awkward to hold, is surprisingly well balanced and easy to shoot. You may have to lay it down a bit to load, but once on target they don’t move.


The heart of this fine French Bucanneer Fusil is the custom 48” octagon to round tapered barrel in 20 guage. It comes breeched and indexed and ready for four underlugs and front sight. It is inlet to a plain maple stock fully shaped and drilled for a 3/8 ram rod.

The but is cut to profile a brass butt plate cast from an original from the Rifle Shoppe.

It has beautiful cast relief carvings in high detail with crossed French flags and ornate scroll work. The brass trigger guard is cast in relief too with fancy torch finials, complimented by the ornate French three piece thimble set and Tulle style serpentine side plate.


The pre-carved stock has a 48″ barrel channel fully inlet for the custom 48″ oct/rnd barrel and the RE Davis curved early French  trade lock (rather than the round faced lock shown) and plain plated trigger. It is available in walnut too at a slight additional charge.

Everything you’ll need is included in this set of components.

You won’t see many of these around, and they certainly don’t go unnoticed.

With most of the inletting already done this is a fairly easy kit to build.

We can even solder on the underlugs and sights for you for $50 to make it even easier.

This custom French Bucanneer component set is very reasonably priced at $899

You may also choose to order this gun fully assembled and ready for your final wood and metal finish for an additional $600  labor or fully finished for $800. Oversized shipping will apply.