K-55  Verner Rifle


The Andrew Verner rifle style features  a long, deep butt plate profile that uses the long swoop of the understock to create a very pleasing and graceful shape on these beautiful Lehigh Valley guns. The relatively straight comb angle gently blends into the wrist for a very graceful, well balanced feel.

Verner 32

The wrist is egg shaped and wide to compliment the flowing lines of these fine Lehigh Valley rifles. It is aided by the angle of the swamped barrel breech.   We have several machine cut stocks on hand to help you build one of these beautiful guns.


These stocks are fully inlet for a 42” B weight swamped barrel so a 45 or 50 cal would work well. They are also inlet for the Large Siler or L&R classic lock. The triggers are inlet too and the butt cut to profile and a comfortable length of pull. The shaping is complete including the fore end and the ram rod channel is cut and drilled for a 3/8” ram rod. This stock is available left hand too.


We have a few walnut stocks already inlet for a sliding wood patchbox as a $50 option. You may also use the Verner style side opening metal patch box.

Verner Parts

The trim is available in investment cast steel or brass and includes the Verner butt plate, trigger guard, plain or set triggers, side plate, toe plate, nose cap, three piece thimble set, ram rod and jag and all the screws and pins needed to complete this project. A matching metal patchbox  is also available as a $40 option. With this degree of inletting  and shaping its more of an assembly process than a build. The result is a beautiful representation of a very period correct piece that you can be just as proud of as the original owner was 250 years ago.


Everything you need to complete this fine rifle is yours for a modest price of only $799  

You may choose to order your Verner rifle built to your specs and assembled in the white. Your rifle will ship ready for your final wood and metal finish. Option #2 is $650.

pic 9

You can also order your Verner rifle completely finished the way you want for $850

You may wish to add incize carving, inlays or even engraving for a truly personalized fine rifle. Custom pkgs are available at special pricing.