K-54 Penn Smooth Rifle


Smooth rifles are different from fowlers in several ways.

The barrel is octagon its full length from breech to muzzle, but smooth rather than rifled. The stock is shaped like a rifle and the trim is in rifle style too. 

 This is probably the most authentic style of gun used on the new frontier. It could be used for anything, so it was extremely versatile.  It will also take both front and rear dovetailed sights so its a great short range hunting gun too or as a buck’n ball gun. These guns are capable of shooting clover leaf groups at 50 yards.


The stock is cut like a rifle stock with more drop and complete with a cheek piece. It is available in various grades of curly maple walnut or cherry.

Most of the stocks are not yet inlet for locks or triggers so the choice is yours. Here’s your chance to really personalize your rifle the way you want. This inletting service can be provided as well as breeching the barrel, dovetailing the sights and installing underlugs and cutting the butt to your length of pull for $150 as option #1. 

Issac Haines kit

The trim is rifle style trim. The butt plate may be more rounded but the trigger guard will be rifle type. Complete trim sets are available in brass or steel .    

The SITTING FOX  Penn Smooth rifle kits are available in 15/16″ x 42″ 58 cal smooth (24 ga.) and 54 cal smooth (28 ga.) and 13/16 x 42 in 50 cal smooth (32 ga.) 

The stock shape and style  can be as varied as you need. We carry Early Penn., Late Lancaster, as well as Tennessee, Southern Mountain, and Virginia.

 Smooth rifles make a great “poor boy” too! They are the most economical way to have fun shooting  Black powder with patch and ball or shot and wad. One gun that can do it all.  From a deer to a squirrel this gun is a blast! These smooth bore barrels are capable of shooting one inch groups at 50 yards!


These guns can be as plain or fancy as you desire and we offer carving, inlays and engraving packages so you can customize you gun the way you want.

Smooth Rifles make a lot of sense. One gun that does it all!

Great hunting guns with buck or ball and very historically correct.

 This one can be yours at a very modest price starting at only $599

 Finished Penn Poor Boy 40 W

You may choose to order your smooth rifle assembled in the white as option #2. Your gun will ship completely assembled and functional, ready for your final wood and metal finish starting at $500 labor.

 You may choose to receive your gun completely finished and built to your specs as option #3.

It takes just a little longer but is worth the wait starting at only $700 labor.