K-53 Virginia Smooth Rifle 


 We get a lot of requests for early style Virginia guns and this one is a dandy. Ever since the premier of “The Patriot” this style of gun has gained in popularity. It makes sense. This style of gun, as a smoothbore, could do anything. It is very authentic and extremely versatile.



 It is different from our other smooth rifles in that the barrel is a straight octagon the full 36″ or 42″ length. It is available in 1″ x 42″62 smooth (20 gauge ) or 15/16″ x 42″ 58 cal smooth (24 ga.) or 54 cal(28 gauge). The advantage of an octagon barrel is that you can use dovetailed sights front and rear for more flexibility in windage adjustment. The sight dovetails as well underlugs can be milled for you for you and the barrel breeched for $100. Your choice of barrel in 24, 28 ga. or 20 ga. can be cut oct/rnd and inlet to save a little nose weight as a $100 option.

This Virginia style, made popular by the House brothers, is also available in rifled straight and swamped barreled versions in most calibers as a custom order.


The stock itself is Grade A plain maple cut in the Virginia rifle style. Upgrades in curly maple are available at $25 per grade, as well as walnut or cherry. Option #1 will include the butt cut to shape for the early Virginia butt plate and your length of pull. The lock area can also be inlet for the large Siler or L&R Classic or Queen Anne lock and the barrel will be breeched as well and the underlugs and sights attached for $150. At this stage this gun will be about two steps away from being fully assembled “in the white”.

This Virginia gun can be ordered left handed as well.  

Virginia left 4

The trim is shown is brass but is available in steel as well. It includes the Virginia butt plate, trigger guard, side plate, three piece deluxe octagon to round thimbles, nose cap and toe plate. The Virginia trigger guard is large enough to accommodate the Davis early style set triggers but you may wish to use just a simple high pinned trigger instead. A Virginia style patch box can be added for $40 or you may choose a “peanut” patchbox as shown.


 You may choose to order you Virginia rifle “assembled in the white” as option #2. It will ship fully assembled and functional, ready for your final wood and metal finish for $650 labor


 Your Virginia rifle can be ordered fully finished as option #3 for $850 labor. You may choose carving and engraving packages as well as patchbox  inletting and inlays added at special prices.

 These early style guns have a nice heft to them and being smooth you can shoot anything  from a squirrel to a moose. With the thicker barrel wall they make a great “buck and ball” gun too.

“The one gun that does it all” can be very easily finished and can be yours starting for only $599!