K-51 Colonial Fusil Fin

We’ve selected some really nice components to offer you a smooth fowler that’s way above the average. Beautiful wood, custom barrel, outstanding engraved brass trim, and a surefire lock, make this offering hard to pass up. If you want to build a fowler it doesn’t take much more effort to make something really nice if you can start with top quality parts.

Fusil Fin 1

Fusil Fin 3

The stock is grade A premium American walnut or curly maple. You may chose to build it as a smooth rifle as shown above, with a cheek piece and rifle style trigger guard and toe plate and an added rear sight or simply as a fine fowler, by rasping off the cheek piece and using the fowler style trigger guard with matching engraving.

Colonial Fusil Fin Kit

The 41″ inch barrel is available in 20 gauge 24 gauge or 28 gauge octagon to round. Rifled barrels are available in 50 and 54 cal in the same oct/rnd profile. It features 12 inch flats ending in a wedding band, then a tapered transition round barrel to the muzzle. The barrel is breeched and indexed with the underlugs and sights attached. The machine cut stock is 95% inlet for the lock, trigger and butt plate as well as the barrel, tang, and ramrod. With this degree of inletting this project goes together nicely.


The lock area of the stock is inlet for the RE Davis Germanic styled Colonial   lock with the engraving cast in as our favorite for this fine fowler. It is tripped by a simple high pinned and plated curled trigger and firing into a stainless vent liner.

Fusil Fin 4

The brass trim is a set of high quality investment cast pieces copied from an original.

Each piece is highly engraved and the quality of the castings captures the beauty of the floral motif. The three piece thimble set is also cast in high relief and has banded and bordered pipes with a double thumbnail entry with the tapered pointed fowler style tail.

Everything you need to complete this “one of a kind” project is included at the modest price starting at only $869

You may choose to order this fine rifle completely assembled and ready for your final wood and metal finish. Please allow about six months for construction. This is a great option at only $600 and incize and relief carving packages and inlays are available at special rates.

We will be happy to completely finish this gun for you as a custom gun built to your specs. It takes a little longer for finishes to dry but it’s a great value at only $800.









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