K-47 Tennessee Halfstock



Here’s a gun you don’t see to many of, but it makes sense. Not all long rifles are long rifles. Some are halfstocks. Here is an example of one of the most popular longrifles offered in the halfstock version with all the good stuff that makes this gun so popular.

Tenn halfstock

The stock itself is machine cut from various grades of curly maple with a 13/16″ barrel channel and drilled for a 5/16″ ram rod. This nice stock is fully inlet for all the appropriate trim including the lock, tang and triggers and guard. You can leave the butt plain for a poor boy or we’ll rough cut the butt to profile for you at $50 for plate and labor. This saves a ton of work and makes the finishing job more assembly than building. We have included all the appropriate components that this stock is inlet for and added a few more.

 Tenn Poor Boy parts

The lock area is inlet for the small Siler. This is a great little lightning fast lock that is correct for this style rifle.  It is also available in percussion. It is tripped  by double set triggers firing into a stainless steel vent liner. The trim is in steel of course in the southern style and includes the butt plate, trigger guard, 2 ram rod pipes, Tenn. side plate, toe plate, and an optional banana style steel patch box if you choose. Set triggers are available too for $30 additional.


The hardest part about building a halfstock is the under rib and thimbles. We choose to use a wooden under rib. The ram rod pipes are the normal kind you would inlet into a wood stock and pin. We  suggest using a wood under rib attatched by pins in stake on tennons and then inlet for the ram rod thimble flange and pinned thru for a nice clean look. We are including a 3/8 x 24″ piece of maple cut just for this.


These components will make a really unique and very good looking rifle. We have several stocks cut in various barrel channels from 3/4, 13/16 and 7/8″ and varying degrees of inletting . Call for current availability and pricing . The barrel choice is yours. It can be anything up to a 50 caliber. You can leave it long at 42″ or the standard 36″ or less if you’re concerned about weight.

This is a nice easy build and with the weight reduced it makes a great gun for the ladies or kids too. It’s a great value starting at only $599.