K-46   Tenn. Poor Boy Squirrel Rifle


We get a lot of requests for small caliber, easy to build rifle kits for small game hunting and target shooting. We have put together some nice parts to offer a simple squirrel rifle for you. A 45 or 50 cal. muzzleloading deer  rifle is just a little much for small game if you expect to have anything left to put in the pot.

The Sitting Fox Poor Boy Squirrel Rifle is the ultimate in a light weight, good shooting, small caliber hunting gun. We know how hard it is to keep a long barreled gun waving around at the treetops trying to get the right shot.

Ripley Squirrel Gun

This is also a great first gun for a wife, son or daughter. The nose weight can be reduced even further by choosing a 40 caliber in 36”. Since there is no butt plate, the “Poor Boy” style butt can easily be shortened to any length of pull. It’s great economical family fun for all.

You may want to add a piece of horn, antler or bone at the top corner of the comb to protect the stock as you load, just like they did in days gone bye.


We have chosen the 13/16″ x 42″ barrel in 36 caliber resting in a grade A maple stock. The “Poor Boy” style keeps things simple and functional and easy to build. A nice small Siler flintlock with a simple trigger gets the job done. The trim is a nice cast steel trigger guard and two formed steel thimbles plus all the parts you will need to finish the build. There is no butt plate, side plate, entry thimble or nose cap to mess with so it’s a really easy kit to assemble.

Southern Mountain Poor Boy

This kit is also available in a left hand version too. Upgrades in curly maple are available at $25 per grade to CM-4. Walnut and cherry is available too as a $50 option.

You may add a butt plate cut to fit for $30. We can make the build even easier by inletting the lock and trigger and breeching the barrel and installing the underlugs for you for only $150 as option #1. It saves a lot of work and makes for a really easy build. The end result is a nice small game longrifle that you can have a lot of fun with and be proud of. You can add the extra pieces if you want now, or wait till later or not. In any case you’ll have something nice to look at while you’re waiting for those pesky critters to show up. Everything you’ll need to complete this kit is included with prices starting at $599


You may choose to have your rifle built to your specs and completely assembled in the white ready for your final wood and metal finish as option #2. Your gun will arrive completely assembled and functional.

This can be done for $500 labor.

Check out “Finishing a gun in the white” on the “Build Info” TAB for more info.

pic 4

You may want to order your Squirrel rifle completely finished to your specs.  

This can be done for only $700 labor.

Any way you look at it, it’s a lot of bang for the buck.