K-45 Southern Mountain Poor Boy


Precious metals were really scarce and expensive in the mountain regions to the south so most gun building was done with hand made forged parts or available imported parts. These guns developed a unique style of their own. This frugal approach to rifle building resulted in very useful meat and potatoes weapons that reflected the no nonsense attitude of their builders.

 Sitting Fox has assembled some great components that reflect this same attitude.

DGW 50

If you’re looking for a good shooting gun for target or especially for hunting, and move up from store bought guns, this is a great buy. A custom poor boy muzzleloading rifle you can build yourself. These are called “poor boys” because not everyone could afford any gun at all. So they eliminated all the unnecessary extra parts and got right down to basics.

No fancy brass to scare away game, but something nice to look at while you wait for them to show up. 

Poor Boy Maple

Here’s your chance to have a custom poor boy muzzleloader you can build yourself at a rock bottom price.

The stock is plain grade A maple shaped and inlet to fit a 7/8″ barrel and 3/8″ ram rod. Here’s a chance to try your hand at faux curly maple by painting dark stripes on before final finish. The lock and trigger are not inlet, but can be done for you as a $75 option to make the build even easier.

K-45 is available in 45 cal. right hand percussion only.


We have selected a shorter lighter barrel in 45 cal. x 33″. These are brand new CVA barrels with 1×48 twist rifling. It is already breeched and percussion drum installed and indexed for the #11 nipple, the lugs are milled as well as the sights This saves you a ton of work and a lot of money. The lock is an imported percussion model that features a bridle and fly and cut out for the drum. It is tripped by a simple high pinned plated trigger.

DGW 50-2

The trim is in cast steel molded from hand forged originals. It consists of the trigger guard and two stamped thimbles, sights and all the screws and pins to finish plus the ramrod and jag. You may choose to add a buttplate, set triggers or cigar shaped patch box to your gun or upgrade to curly maple. Each is available at $30. You may want to build this gun as a Penn. Poor Boy by using sand cast brass trim instead of steel. It’s your choice at the same price.

This simple gun will be one of your favorite hunting tools and is a great deer gun. Everything you need to complete this build is included.

This component package is absolutely the most bang for the buck!

This gun is an easy project to build at a great price starting at only $499