K-43 Southern Mountain Inlet Rifle


This Southern Mtn. rifle is one of the most complete fully inlet kits we offer. The hard work has already been done, so it’s about one step away from being a “Gun in the White”. All that’s left is the final assembly. All the stock work has been done for you. The barrel channel is inlet 13/16″ so you can have your choice of 36, 40, or 45 caliber 42” barrels. The ram rod groove is cut and drilled to 5/16. The butt is cut to the profile of the steel but plate, the lock is inlet for the L&R Durrs Egg lock in flint or percussion and the triggers are inlet for L&R plain or double set. Even the trigger guard and tang is inlet.

It is offered in various grades of curly maple, walnut or cherry.

The machine work has been done too. The barrel is breeched, the underlugs have been attached and the sights have been dovetailed. You may want to choose the “lollypop” tang and have it inlet too.


This isn’t a “poor boy” so we’ve added a southern style steel butt plate and cut the profile to fit. The rest of the trim is in steel of course and includes a toe plate, side plate, three piece thimble set, buckhorn rear sight and a blade front, ram rod and jag and all the screws and pins necessary to complete this build. At this point this gun is about one step away from being a “gun- in- the-white”.

It is the most completely inlet kit we have ever offered and should assemble in a breeze. Here’s a great way to have the fun of building your own rifle without some of the frustration of a full build. Save a lot of time and a lot of money with this custom rifle. Because this is a machine cut and inlet stock we saved a lot of labor so we can pass that along to you.

You can start your build now and have it done soon at a great price starting at only $899