K-42 Tennessee Bean

Southern rifles reflect the styles of gun makers who moved into the area from more populated areas along the east coast. They brought with them the ideas and skills learned from Pennsylvania and Virginia gun builders and adapted them to this remote area where materials were more difficult to come by.


The Bean Rifle is named after one of the more advanced builders of this new frontier who developed his own distinct look. It is a no frills approach to building a fine rifle from native materials. It has slim, very sleek look that makes a great small caliber rifle with all the refinements found in much more expensive southern rifles. It is one of our favorites.

B Turner S mtn

The Sitting Fox Bean Rifle uses quality components in a kit that you will find as much fun  to build as it is to shoot. This style, like most, is available in left hand too, flint or percussion.


The stock is shaped from various grades of curly maple. Upgrades in wood are available at $25 per grade. Walnut and cherry are also available. It is cut for a 13/16″ barrel channel and 5/16″ ram rod. The lock area is inlet for the small Siler or L&R small Manton and the triggers are located as well with the butt cut to profile the sweeping Bean buttplate. Machine work, such as breech plug installation and milling of sights and underlugs, can be done for you as Option #1 for only $80. This takes care of all the hard work.

Bean kit

The barrel chosen is a Green Mountain  in  36, 40, or 45 cal. 13/16 x 42″.

The lock is a small Siler.

The trim pieces consist of investment cast steel butt plate, trigger guard, side plate, toe plate, 3 thimbles, and a nose cap. These are molded from Bean originals and compliment the slim look of this rifle.

These quality components build a fine longrifle at a great price starting at only $699.  


A cigar shaped steel Tennessee patch box is an option at $30. They look great when finished in deep rich plum brown.


You may choose to add an optional pivoting wood patch box, popular in the southern border counties of Tennessee. 

Tenn Cherry 32

You may choose to have your Bean style rifle assembled in the white. This option #2 is $650 labor and your rifle will arrive fully assembled and functional, ready for your final wood and metal finish.

Lyle S Mtn 2

You may also choose to have your bean rifle built to your specs and completely finished. This takes just a little longer but its worth the wait at only $850 labor plus shipping.