K-4   4 Bore Blunderbuss

This 4 bore Blunderbusss can be pretty intimidating when you’re looking down the end of one.

Especially when the end is TWO inches in diameter and the bore is more than one inch too!

These big bore shoulder guns were popular for self-defense or as coach guns. They were great as military guns used for boarding ships or for crowd control. They were loud and obnoxious and shot a lot of flame, so they were perfect for signaling other ships too.

The large flared muzzle made them very quick and easy to load, but had no effect on shot pattern other than being short and lethal. With a sling swivel, they could be shoulder slung under a cloak or slung across the back while riding horseback, canoeing or trekking. They make a great camp gun too, for those uninvited dinner guests.


The sitting fox 4 bore Blunderbuss features a custom Rayl 20” octagon to round flared barrel in 4 ga. The flare is TWO INCHES! The breech is one and one half inches!

This is a big, beefy, no nonsense gun!

This barrel comes already breeched and indexed and is inlet to a precarved and fully shaped stock in plain maple or walnut.. The lock area is inlet for the Chambers English fowler round faced lock and large English fowler style butt plate. The trim is brass in the English fowler style. A simple plated trigger and two cast thimbles round out the parts set. Everything you’ll need to complete this build is included starting at only $979


You may choose to order this awesome gun completely assembled in the white, ready for your final wood and metal finish for only $1599 or completely finished for $1799.


We are now able to offer the slightly smaller version of this English Blunderbuss in 10 gauge. The more slender barrel 20” with the same large 2” flare makes a very stylish gun with very dramatic shape.

It will feature the same English style stock, chambers lock and brass trim…..just a little slimmer.

They will both be priced the same, your choice at $979. Call for details.