K-39 Musketoon Blunderbus


We’ve heard people refer to this blunderbuss as a “Musketoon”

Musketoon 2

While we’re not sure its correct it’s a good way to describe this short personal defense gun. With its 1 ¼” cannon barrel muzzle it would make a great pirate gun or cavalry gun. The octagon to steel round barrel is 20″ long.

It’s available in 20 ga. (62 cal) or 11 ga.(75 caliber) and comes fully breeched and indexed.

Musketoon L

The barrel is mated to a stock of grade A maple or walnut, fully shaped and inlet for the barrel, 3/8 ram rod, L&R Queen Anne lock, trigger and butt plate. The trim is typical English fowler style and is available in brass or steel. These guns are a lot of fun and easy to build with fine quality inletting. At an overall length of only 36″ they make a great coach gun, pirate gun and have even been used for hunting.

cannon bbl musketoon

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