K-38  Mich-I-Gun Halfstock



We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to promote a little mid 1800 Michigan history.

Michigan got into the gun building game a little later than most and the builders took a lot of styling cues from their neighbors in Ohio. When you live in a state surrounded by water on three sides most everything comes from one direction.

This great little gun has all the good stuff in parts and great styling too.

It uses a 36”x 7/8 barrel in 36, 40 or 45 caliber with a steel or wooden under rib and brass thimbles and a fixed breech tang. The pre carved CM-3 curly maple halfstock has a slight “sow-belly” profile in the stock and features the later “beavertail” rounded back of the cheek piece. These are characteristic of Michigan and some Ohio style guns of the mid 1800’s. CM-4 curly maple stocks are available for an additional $50.

The smaller calibers are typical of these guns too, as most of the large game had been shot off and hunting was mostly squirrels and rabbits and other small game. There were far less deer in the mid 1800’s than there are now, but way more wolves. These were gentleman’s guns used for small game hunting or competitive shooting matches. They were sometimes adorned with German silver inlays and trim.


The precarved stock is inlet for the RE Davis Goulcher percussion lock which is copied after the more famous locks available at that time. The Goulcher name is cast engraved on the lock plate just like the originals. The stock is also inlet for RE Davis #4 double or L&R #5 double set triggers firing into a drum ignition and nipple. There is a brass cap box included for extra caps and a nipple pick.


The stock ends at a German Silver entry nose cap to protect the wood and the rest of the trim is in polished brass. There is a single lock bolt, as in most percussion guns, and is held by the stylized brass wing inlay. The brass trigger guard is the double hook Ohio percussion style found on guns of this area.

new pic

The front sight is a nice bright silver blade in a brass base and a Leman style rear.

The length of pull is 13 ¾.

Everything you need to complete this build, including the 90% inlet stock, is included at a modest price starting at only $599


The end result is a very nicely made version of a Mich-I-Gun halfstock that will shoot as good as it looks. Eveything in it is made in the USA and fully guaranteed.

You may choose to order this fine rifle completely assembled in the white, ready for your final wood and metal finish, for $650 labor or completely finished for $850 plus parts.