K-37 Lehigh Valley


 Long Rifle


The sweeping dramatic lines of the Lehigh valley style butt stocks are a trademark of several famous rifle makers from this area. Similar to the “Last Of The  Mohicans” rifle, it can be simple and graceful or embellished with carving and patch box for a truly unique long rifle. The early versions had a wide butt and wrist area. The egg shaped wrist and gentle transition to the comb in addition to the curved under belly were the distinctive traits of this style rifle.


This Lehigh Valley rifle is crafted from various grades of curly maple and is inlet for a  Colerain swamped barrel in 42″ or 38″ B profile in calibers of 40, 45 and 50.


The use of the swamped barrel helps achieve the widening of the wrist area by kicking out the rear of the lock to the proper angle needed. Because of the thinness of the waist on these swamped barrels we advise letting us breech the barrel and dovetail the sights and underlugs as a $75 option.


The lock area is left uncut but large enough to fit the large Siler lock included in this kit. Inletting of the lock and trigger can be done as a $75 option.

lehigh kit

The trim is sand cast brass and includes the distinctive wide bowed Lehigh trigger guard, simple trigger, cast side plate with pointed finial, pointed toe plate, 3 deluxe octagon to round thimbles, nose cap and cheek piece inlay.

Late Lehigh

There are several butt plate styles available to suit your tastes. Patchboxes are available at $40. These early style guns always used a simple trigger and the proper trigger guard is sized. We will need to use a larger guard for double set triggers available as an option.

The finished rifle has great balance and shoots as great as it looks.

The components are value priced at $799

Special incize carving, inlay and engraving packages are available at discounted prices for a truly personal touch.

You may choose to order this Lehigh Valley fine rifle fully assembled in the white and ready for your final wood and metal finish. It takes about 4-6 months to get ready to ship but only costs $650 so it’s worth the wait! Or wait a little longer for finishes to dry and order it completely finished to your specs starting at $850.