K-36 W Haga Lehigh Valley Rifle


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The populated areas of Pennsylvania were often so isolated from each other that the craftsmen had to develop their own solutions to problems and incorporate their own particular style to their craft. The Lehigh Valley is a great example of skilled craftsmen developing a truly unique style that we have come to really admire today.

This rifle is styled as a Wolfgang Haga fine rifle from the Wolmensdorf-Reading area of Pennsylvania. The slight roman nose of the comb and gentle curve of the underbelly combine with a wide rather than tall wrist to give this style a very pleasing shape.

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The gentle curving lines of these Lehigh Valley rifles makes them one of our favorites. They are a joy to hold and shoot.

Lehigh cm4

This nicely shaped stock is available in various grades of curly maple inlet for the Colerain B weight 42” swamped barrel, so a 36,40,45 or 50 cal barrel will work.

The lock of choice is the large Germanic Siler or L&R classic. These Lehigh trigger guards have a small bow so a single plain trigger works best. This would have been the appropriate choice on this earlier style rifle.

lehigh kit

The trim is in sand cast brass and consists of the W. Haga butt plate & trigger guard, side plate with pointed finial, pointed toe plate, 3 deluxe octagon to round thimbles, nose cap, simple trigger and all the parts necessary to complete this project. 

We can also inlet the lock and triggers, breech the barrel and install the underlugs and sights as a $150 option.

This set of components is modestly priced at $799

Special incize carving, inlay, patchbox and engraving packages are available at discount prices for your personal touch.

Late Lehigh

Lehigh 45 rt

You may choose to order your Lehigh valley rifle fully assembled and ready for your final wood and metal finish for $650 labor or completely finished for $850 labor.