K-32 Golden Age Late Penn


The Pennsylvania rifles built in the late 1790’s and into the 1800’s are referred to as Late Lancaster Rifles. They show the evolution of style developing into the golden age of the Longrifle. Compared to its origins, this style is much slimmer with a butt at 1 9/16″ versus 2″or more for the early models. The wrist transition is also slimmer and more refined. The wood chosen were the finest grades of curly maple available. Patch boxes were the norm and inlays of wire and precious metals were common on the finer rifles.  


Sitting Fox offers top quality components for the Late Lancaster Rifle. The finished guns are truly things of beauty that you will be proud to own.

The stock offered in this kit is aCM-3 curly maple stock cut in a 13/16″ or 7/8″ barrel channel and 3/8″ ram rod. It is fully inlet for the large Siler Lock and set triggers.

lanc cm4 

We also have super premium stocks available in 13/16″and 7/8″ The curl is a consistent stripe on 95% of the full length. Supply is very limited at $100 additional. Walnut and cherry are also available at $50.

 Swamped barreled Late Lancaster stocks are also available in various grades of curly maple as well as walnut and cherry. The swamped barrel and inletting will add $150.

Lancaster cm4 kit 

Your choice of calibers in 36,40 or 45 Green Mountain or Colerain barrels in 13/16″ x 42″ or 50 cal in 7/8″x 42” and double set triggers and Siler lock complete the mechanicals. We can cut the butt to profile at your length of pull, breech the barrel for you and install the underlugs and sight dovetails as well as a $100 option, saving you a lot of work.

The trim pieces are available in brass or German silver. They consist of trigger guard and butt plate, 3 deluxe octagon to round thimbles, side plate, toe plate, nose cap and all necessary parts to complete the build. The trigger guard is large enough to accommodate double set triggers or you may choose a simple single trigger instead. Several styles of Lancaster brass or German silver patchboxes are available from $40.

Golden Age Penn

Carving and engraving or inlay packages are also available at discounted prices

We can do as much or as little as you need to get you the gun of your dreams. 

Check out the SERVICES tab for details on services you may need.

 This is a beautiful set of fully inlet components in limited supply attractively priced at only $799.

Golden Age  Penn 2

You may choose to order this fine rifle built to your specs and assembled “in the white” ready for your final wood and metal finish. Assembly prices start at $650 and take about six months. Or you may order this fine rifle completely finished just the way you want it. It will take a little longer for finishes to dry but it’s worth the wait and a great value at only $850.