K-31 Jacob Dubbs

Lehigh Valley Rifle



Jacob Dubbs was a prolific gunmaker working in the Bucks county region of Pennsylvania from about 1720’s on. While not many of his works survive we copied the nicest one of his finest pieces that truly captured the style of this Lehigh Valley school of building seen in the works of his contemporaries such as Rupp, Verner, and Kunz.

The graceful flowing lines of these Lehigh Valley guns makes them one of our favorites.

This early style favored a wide gently curved butt plate and wide trigger guard too. The graceful egg shaped wrist area was wider than it was tall so it lends itself very well to the swamped barrels used at that time.


Jacob Dubbs was also fond of using the imported Germanic castings available thru trade journals and jobbers in the area. We have faithfully copied the finest example of these having beautiful floral patterns engraved on the butt plate, side plate and trigger guard.

Several gun makers in the area are known to have used them and they really accentuate the flowing lines of this style fine early rifle. We have investment cast them in brass or steel and can even match the engraving style in accessories such as metal patch boxes and toe plates.


We offer these beautiful components in a fully inlet version of the Jacob Dubbs Lehigh Valley Rifle. The stock is available in premium curly maple, walnut or cherry.


The Jacob Dubbs rifle is also available in a left hand version with a large Siler left flintlock. Both are  inlet for a 42” swamped B weight Colerain barrel for 40,45 and 50 calibers and 3/8” ram rod. The Colerain barrel is available with the sights and tennons installed as a $50 option. The butt is inlet for the Dubbs butt plate at a 14 1/4″ length of pull and a drop of 3 1/2″ at the heel, making for a very comfortable fit and feel.

The breech plug bolster is also inlet as is the basic trigger cut. The fore end is shaped in a fluted line and the lock area is fully inlet for the RE Davis /MGS early style Colonial flintlock.

Colonial lock 

This beautifully crafted American made lock has detailed engraved lines outlining the plate,  hammer and frizzen. Each has been recarbonized and tuned for surefire spark every time. A simple plated trigger is all that’s needed to trip the internals featuring a bridle and fly. The external frizzen screw allows the use of a flash cup too, if you are required to use one. Most early guns were made with simple triggers. You may choose a double set trigger for this fine rifle by removing the spur on the inside of the bow. The trigger guard also features a heavy bolster at the front of the bow, as many of these pre Rev early style guns do, to allow the attachment of a sling swivel.


The complete parts package includes a nose cap and thimbles, stainless steel vent liner, ramrod with tip and jag and all the necessary screws and pinning material you need to complete this beautiful rifle. It doesn’t cost a lot more to end up with a really beautiful rifle when you start with top quality parts.

This 95% inlet kit is a great choice starting at only $799

Pic 4

You may chose to have us assemble your rifle for you “in the white” so you can have the fun of sanding and staining it to watch that beautiful curly maple grain or the flame in walnut come shining through. It’s a great option starting at only $650. Your new gun will arrive completely assembled and functional, ready for your finishing touch.

These guns are really beautiful when finished so you may want to wait a little longer for finishes to dry and order it built to your specs and completely finished by our experienced builders.


We even have incise carving, inlays and engraving packages available at special prices for you to personalize your rifle just the way you want it.

Check out the SERVICES tab for details. We can do as little or as much as you need to build the gun of your dreams. 

Finished labor prices start at $850.