K3 – Blanket Gun



Not only were frontier fusils subject to great abuse in defending oneself, they were also victims of theft and vandalism. Butt plates were stripped off for hide scrapers, trigger guards became spoons or arm bands and the serpent side plates made great jewelry.

As barrels and stocks became damaged they were cut shorter and shorter until they became more of a hand held gun than a fusil. These little weapons were called “Blanket Guns” because it was so easy to conceal them under blankets or robes especially if a shoulder sing was used. Guns just like these were used to capture Fort Michilimakinac with devastating results. They also make a great backup gun when you need more than one shot and a great companion to your NW Trade gun or Tulle.

New Blanket Gun

The 12” octagon to round tapered barrel is fully inlet and the ram rod hole is drilled.

The beavertails and tang area are also both relief carved.

It comes with the lugs already soldered on.

The lock is also inlet for the L&R Trade Lock. This allows great versatility in styles.

It is perfect for the cut down North West Trade Gun.

By changing the trigger guard and side plate it can be a cut down fowler of many styles.

By filing off the beavertails and changing the trigger guard and side plate it becomes a cut down French Tulle. You’re only limited by your imagination.

These little guns are great fun and you’ll want to put a loop in the rear and sling it around your neck or shoulder or just stick it in your sash. No holster needed.

The stocks are available in maple and walnut and trim in steel or brass.

Prices vary slightly depending on wood and style of trim selected but start at $469