K-2 Appalachian Poor Boy Rifle

The rifle of the common man was generally not the fancy museum pieces we are all familiar with. More often than not the settlers of the early frontier were lucky to have a step up from the military smooth muskets of the day. If they could get their hands on a rifle they weren’t going to waste money on unnecessary frills or fancy’s.

The working mans gun was what we now call the “Poor Boy Rifle”.  

Appalachian barn rifle rt

These guns were made from hand forged local materials for the most part with available parts like imported locks and barrels to end up with a good functional rifle at an affordable price.

Appalachian barn rifle lft

Blackpowder shooters today have a similar choice. When you’re ready to step up from store bought guns to a custom kit project or finished gun you still want the most bang for the buck. For hunting or target shooting it’s hard to beat the value found in the Poor Boy offered from Sitting Fox.

Poor Boy Maple

The stock is in plain grade A maple shaped and inlet for a 13/16″ barrel channel and 5/16 or 3/8″ram rod channel for 32, 36, 40 or 45 calibers or 7/8″ for 45 or 50 caliber barrels. The lock area is not cut to allow your choice of locks. Lock inletting is available as a $50 option. Curly maple is available at $25 per grade to CM-3.


We have selected tried and true L&R Classic or Manton lock in flint or percussion.

The trim is in steel and molded from hand made originals. In Poor Boy fashion they only include 2 steel thimbles and a trigger guard and simple trigger, with no butt plate.

We can add a butt plate and cut it to fit for $30

Option #1 will get the lock and trigger inlet for you and the barrel breeched and underlugs and sights installed for an additional $150 to simplify the build. 

These parts can be added to or upgraded as you desire but they make a good shooting rifle for a great price starting at $599Tenn 45 R

You may choose to order your rifle assembled in the white ready for your final wood and metal finish.

In Option #2, your rifle will arrive RTF, completely assembled and functional.  

Its a great value at only $500 labor.  

Check out “Finishing a gun in the white” on this site for more info.

Southern Mountain Poor Boy

 You may choose to order your poor boy built to your specs and completely finished.

We will be happy to do this for you for an additional $700 labor.