K-197 Dutch Musketoon


We have put together some very unique custom pieces to offer you a very authentically styled Dutch Musketoon.

These distinctive guns were often used as “coach guns” and “ Guard Guns” at the gate as well as by highwaymen and street robbers of the mid 1700’s.

The barrel is a custom 12 gauge octagon to round 20” tapered and flared cannon nose Musketoon barrel. It starts at 1 1/16” at the breech with 12” flats to a wedding band transition and then a gentle round taper to ¾” before the flare to the 1 1/8” cannon style nose.

It is already breeched and mated to a grade A maple stock carved in the distinctive Dutch club butt shape with a 13” length of pull to a simple trigger. The lock is inlet for you as well as the barrel. The sheet brass hand cut butt plate has a rounded shape to soften recoil.

The lock is an L&R Queen Anne flintlock tripped by a simple high pinned plated trigger.

The trim is in hand cut sheet brass and includes the butt plate, trigger guard and sea serpent side plate held by ½” dome head screws and hand wrought square head nails.

Everything you need to complete this unusual gun is included and the hard work is done.

We’re proud to offer it for your consideration for a very modest $799.

We can assemble it for you to finish for additional $500 or completely finish it for $700.