K-196 Dutch Club Butt Fusil

Even  from afar this gun is a standout.

You can’t miss he 48” barrel and distinctive early club butt profile that sets this fine fusil apart from the crowd. These very early trade guns were some of the first traded in the colonies up and down the eastern coastline.

These distinctive stocks are cut from Grade A maple or walnut with enough meat left on the bone to allow additional carving or customizing to your taste. You may wish to carve out the thumb point at the juncture of the wrist and comb as is found on some Dutch guns. The interesting sculpted S indent is already carved in for you.

 The custom 48” octagon to round tapered barrel is in 20-gauge. It has a 1 -1/8 breech with 12” flats, a wedding band and tapered round to a ¾” muzzle. It is fully inlet as well as the L&R round faced fusil flintlock and 3/8 ramrod. The fore end has a swell at the entry area to give it a nice early touch and a tang molding carved in relief at the rear.

The trim is in hand cut sheet brass. We have included the appropriate hand wrought square head nails that would typically fasten the butt plate and sometimes the trigger guard too. Screws were hard to make and after all ….these were trade guns.

The side plate is a hand cut brass sea serpent favored on guns that came from across the “BIG WATER”. Even the 3 lock bolts are the large ½” round head used in the 1600’s.

The third screw was used to fasten the tail of the lock back in the day.

You won’t see many of these around.

They may look big and clunky to some, but it’s fun watching peoples reaction when they pick one up realize they are really quite light and very well balanced.

Consequently they shoot really well.

 Everything you need is included to complete this kit and modestly priced starting at only $799.

We can completely assemble it for you starting at an additional $500 or finish it starting at $700.