K-19 Jaeger Rifle


The Germanic Jaeger “hunting” rifle is the grand father of the American Longrifle.

Like the artisans that created them they are stout, well built, classic, reliable and built to last. These rifles are typically shorter larger caliber weapons with exceptional balance and feel.

They are superb at what they were designed to do….take down large game.


Hessian troops also used this style of rifle during our Revolution.

The classic lines that made them so popular with the European nobility have made them the favorite of modern shooters as well.

Jaeger walnut+

The stock is in Grade A+ American walnut or premium curly maple cut in a 1″x 36″ barrel channel and 3/8″ ram rod channel. The lock area is left uncut to allow your choice of locks. We have chosen the tried and true R.E. Davis jeager lock in flint or percussion for its classic Germanic lines and proven performance. The 1” barrel channel will fit the Green Mountain or Colerain barrels in 50,54,58 or 62 calibers. Swamped barrels can be inlet for an additional charge for barrel and inletting.  There are a number of Jeager style butt plates and trigger guard styles available in brass or steel with matching side plates and thimble sets. The unique jeager style laid back set trigger can be used on a number of these open bowed guards. Brass, steel or sliding wood patch boxes are also available as a $50 option. 


We can inlet your choice of lock, cut the butt to your length of pull and butt plate profile, breech the barrel and attach underlugs and mill sight dovetails as a $150 option #1

Everything you need to complete this beautiful gun is priced starting at only $699.

Special carving, inlays and engraving packages can make this gun a very special statement of the gun building heritage.

You may choose to order this fine rifle completely assembled in the white RTF and ready for your final wood and metal finishes. We have several fine builders available with labor prices starting at $700.

You may decide to order on of these beautiful guns completely finished to your specifications. We can do as little or as much as you want with labor charges starting at $900