K-14 Early Penn Transitional Rifle


This early style rifle is an example of the transition of rifle building in the colonies from the immigrant gunsmiths apprenticed in Europe, to their apprentices beginning the gun makers guilds here in the mid 1700’s. It shows the creativity fostered by isolation from outside influences.

Although this is not yet the “Kentucky Rifle”, its not a “Jaeger Rifle” anymore either.

Early Penn Trans Kit

This fine rifle carries its Germanic heritage well. It starts with a premium American walnut or maple stock fully shaped and inlet for a swamped 37″ barrel, lock, trigger and butt plate. We have chosen the swamped Colerain 37″ Edward Marshall barrel in 45,50,54,58 or 62 caliber. We can dovetail the sights and underlugs for you as a $50 option. The stock has the early style “step” in the bottom wrist area that accentuates the deep trigger guard and straight cheek piece. The result is a really well balanced early style rifle. The stock also offers an early style sliding wood patchbox fully inlet and dovetailed as a $50 option.

Colonial lock

The lock area is inlet for the RE Davis early style Continental flintlock that is included in this kit. It features a beautifully sculpted edge, all modern internals and engraved frizzen that has been recarbonized for sure-fire sparks every time. The butt area is nicely inlet for the rounded butt plate with cast in engraving. The trigger guard is sized for the appropriate simple trigger. The R.E. Davis #4 double set triggers will also fit, and you may want to eliminate the spur inside the guard and open it up as in the early European style if you desire a set trigger.

The ram rod channel and groove is cut for a 3/8″ rod and the fore end is nicely sculpted and flared so no nose cap is necessary.


The finely detailed cast engraved trim is available in investment cast brass or steel and includes the butt plate, trigger guard, side plate and toe plate. These are cast from originals imported from Europe and used throughout the colonies by many early gun builders. Also included are the R.E. Davis set triggers, 3 deluxe oct/rnd style thimbles, and Jaeger style sights and German silver inlays for the cheek piece and thumb.

Lyle McGregor Jaeger

These beautiful top quality components can be made into an outstanding early American rifle that you will be proud to own. With this degree of inletting it’s a very pleasant build that shows your results in a really beautiful early rifle. It’s well balanced and certainly powerful enough to make a fantastic hunting gun like its ancestors.

We’ve kept the parts price at a very reasonable $869.

You may choose to order this fine rifle assembled in the white and ready for your final wood and metal finish starting at $650 labor.


Rifles completely finished to your specs take a little bit longer for finishes to dry and start at $850 labor.

Carving and engraving packages are available too at special discount rates starting at $200 each.