K-13 Early Penn Germanic Jaeger  


It all started here. The early gunsmiths were trained in the German tradition of gun making so it is no coincidence that the guns they would make would carry on the tradition of the Germanic style. At first these early rifles appear to be thick and clumsy, but after you get a chance to really feel the balance and ease of handling you’ll see that these early style guns really have a very natural feel and are a joy to shoot. These components are a great example of the first kind of rifles made in the new colonies.

Fancy Jaeger Kit

The stock is your choice of curly maple or American walnut fully inlet for a 31″ swamped Jeager barrel channel and 3/8″ ram rod.      

Colonial lock

The lock area is fully inlet for the RE Davis early style Colonial flintlock and Davis single or #4 double set triggers. The stock is also inlet for the cast engraved butt plate.

The barrel is a 31″ swamped Colerain barrels available in 50, 54, 58 and 62 caliber. The trim is available in steel or brass, as were the originals, and include a large combed butt plate, cast side plate and thimbles, Jaeger style sights and all the parts necessary to complete the building process.


These investment castings are copied  from originals that were imported to the colonies from Germany and used by several gunmakers in the area. They are beautifully cast engraved in the floral pattern of the time and clean up easily. As you can see, we can match that engraving style on additional pieces too.

With all the inletting this kit is more an assembly process than a build. The sliding wood patchbox can be inlet for you with the dovetailed sliding lid as a $50 option. The barrel can be dovetailed for underlugs and sights too as a $50 option.     These steel parts can be polished bright, blued, browned, or antiqued for a really unique, very fine early style rifle. They look great against a really dark stained  stock.

These quality components will make a fine rifle that shoots as good as it looks for $869

You may wish to add incize carving, relief carving, a four piece metal patchbox with matching engraving or inlays to this fine rifle and special priced services are available.

Lotinsky jaeger rt

Your fine rifle can be assembled in the white to your specs starting at an additional $650 labor

or fully finished for $850 labor.