K-12 Early Lancaster Isaac Haines


Isaac Haines was one of the most educated and sophisticated gun builders of his time.

His surviving work is a testament to the skills and artistic eye that this prominent gun maker used in the production of such beautiful early 1770’s American Longrifles.

Haines Ray 4

This is the style that the late John Bivins chose when recreating the American Longrifle for the celebration of our nations Bi-Centennial. It’s one of our favorites too.

Isaac Hanes Maple 2

This particular kit starts with a Grade A maple stock cut in a 38″ B weight swamped barrel channel and 3/8″ ramrod groove. This size will handle the popular 40, 45 and 50 cal Isaac Haines barrel with superb balance. 42″ stocks and barrels are available as a custom order. Finer grades of curly maple are available at $25 per grade and walnut and cherry at $50. The lock area is left uncut but is sized for the large Siler or L&R classic flintlock. The lock of your choice can be inlet as a $50 option. The butt will be cut to profile the 2″ wide Isaac Haines butt plate at your length of pull.

Issac Haines kit

The barrel can be breeched and underlugs and sights can be installed as a $75 option.  We strongly suggest this method, as the thin waist of these swamped barrels requires soldering of underlugs or precise milling. 

The trim is available in brass or steel and consists of top quality investment cast butt plate, trigger guard, side plate, toe plate, nose cap, 3 cast deluxe thimbles and all parts necessary to complete this build.  The trigger guard is sized large enough to hold double set triggers or you may choose a simple high pinned and plated early style.

The finished piece is very well balanced and a joy to shoot and looks great in either brass or steel.  

It is also offered in the left hand version.  You may choose to order this fine rifle completely assembled “in the white” ready for your final wood and metal finish. We can have it all ready for you for only $650 labor.

These guns a beautiful when finished and we can do it to your specs, completely done for only $850 labor.               

This kit is attractively priced starting at only $699 

I Haines white


Carving, inlay and engraving packages are available at special rates for a truly one-of-a kind custom rifle.