K-10 Colonial Fowler


Every settler on the new frontier had to carry with him a weapon to gather food and defend himself and his family. If you could only take one weapon of choice with you it would have been the Colonial Fowler. These smoothbores were often assembled from recycled military arms to make a functional musket at a low price. Some were made by gunsmiths along the coastal cities where they had access to quality parts imported from England even in wartime. The style was similar to its European cousin and trim pieces were often imported.

Finished Fowler Walnut

The Sitting Fox Colonial Fowler is styled after a smoothbore that would have been built in the Eastern colonies before making the trek to the new frontier.


The stock is Grade A maple or walnut mated to a C weight Colerain 20 gauge octagon to round 44″ tapered and flared barrel. The flats are 15″to the wedding band and taper. This size barrel profile will also accomodate a rifled barrel in 50, 54 and 58 caliber . We can also breech and index the barrel and solder on the underlugs and sights for you as a $60 option. This machine cut stock is 95% inlet for the 44″ oct/rnd barrel, lock, trigger and but plate.


The lock area can be left uncut to accommodate left handed shooters or your choice of locks. Because this is a fowler with no cheek piece it can easily be made as a left hander. Your left lock can be inlet as a $50 option. We have chosen the RE Davis engraved English fowler or the L&R Queen Anne in left or right.

Buck Ball Fowler

The trim is available in investment cast brass or steel and consists of an English style fowler butt plate and trigger guard, side plate, 3 thimbles and all parts necessary to complete this project. These parts when assembled make a beautiful very correct fowler/rifle that is great for hunting, or competitive shooting.

Finished Fowler top

The Colonial Fowler in CM-1 maple is modestly priced at only $699 in steel $739 in brass. Upgrades in curly maple at $25 per grade

 Assembled “in the white” in maple and steel starts at $1399finished is $1599.

 The walnut Fowler is $50 more.