K-1 Appalachian Barn Gun


Sometimes referred to as the “poor boy fowler” this gun is of the type the plain folks could commonly use as a basic functional smoothbore gun for gathering game or defending the homestead. As they could afford another or better weapon, these basic guns found there way to the barn where the were readily available to dispatch snakes, rats, coons, fox or any other threatening critter.


This simple gun starts with a Grade A maple stock mated to a 42″ or 44”octagon to round smoothbore barrel in 20 ga. These guns are very versatile and are able to shoot both 62 cal patch and ball, 20 ga. shot and wad, or function as a buck n’ ball fowler for deer hunting. 

Because this stock is shaped as a fowler with no cheek piece or lock inlet, it can easily be converted to a left hander. Upgrades in curly maple are $25 per grade.

Appalachian Barn Gun Kit

For economy Appalachian gun builders would have used an imported lock that were readily available. We have chosen the RE Davis round faced fowler lock with a bridle and fly and a simple fowler type trigger and guard. These “Poor Boy” fowlers had only the parts needed with no frills or fancies. No butt plate, nose cap, side plate, toe plate or entry thimble.

Precious metals were expensive and hard to come by but anyone could forge steel trim parts so that’s exactly what they did. There aren’t many pieces on this smoothbore, just 2 plain steel ram rod thimbles and a simple steel trigger guard and all the parts necessary to complete the build on this very easy to assemble poor boy fowler barn gun. You can even add a butt plate for $30 and we’ll cut to fit.


We can make it even easier by breeching the barrel, inletting the lock and locating the trigger as well as soldering on the underlugs and sight and cut the butt to your length of pull for $150 over the kit cost as option #1.

This gun can be a lot of fun or as they say “a lot of bang for the buck!”

Virginia Fowler

Here’s your chance to try your hand at distressing, antiquing, or building a grunge gun. These components are economically priced just like the originals. Only $599.

You can also order this gun fully assembled and ready for your final wood and metal finish starting at only $1099 or fully finished starting at $1199