F-273 Early English


“Yengeese” trade gun


This is a newly finished upgraded version of our K-Y11 early English “Yengeese” trade gun.

Before trade gun patterns were standardized by the fur trade companies, English gunsmiths would supply the traders with whatever they knew their customers wanted. The French Fusil de Chase’ from Tulle was by far their favorite. The answer was to produce an English trade gun that mimicked these French guns but add a few of the English touches that the natives liked too. The result was the “Yengeese” ( English) trade gun you see replicated here.

The barrel is a 42” custom profile octagon to round 20 gauge with a wedding band at the transition from 12” flats. It has been antique finished in a distinctive French grey to resemble worn bluing. It is stamped with the British viewers mark and the sitting fox in a circle.

The stock is black walnut cut in the distinctive curved shape resembling the popular French guns. It has distinctive coloration and striping in the grain and is finished in hand rubbed Tung oil. The overall length is 57.5 inches and a 13.5 LOP at a weight of just under 8 lbs.

The bent sheet brass butt plate is attached to the stock with authentic square head nails.

The lock however is the polished round faced English fowler lock with distinctive engravings of quiver with bow and arrows and the remains of the sitting fox in a circle. This one is cast from an original and assembled from The Rifle Shoppe castings.

The iron trigger guard is a smaller version of the typical large bowed NW Trade Gun guard that followed later. The tang bolt comes upward from in front of the guard bow and screws upside down into the tang in a distinctive English manner.

The engraved side plate is the early style brass flat sea serpent favored by the natives as are the corrugated brass ram rod pipes.

You don’t see any of these guns around so this is a real one of a kind conversation starter. It’s great for French and Indian war and pre rev re enactors. This is not some cheap import from India. It’s all American made and guaranteed. It’s new and unfired. It can be yours for a modest $1599.