F-270 Southern Squirrel rifle


This is a very unusual Gun.

First of all it’s stocked in Elm wood.

Second;  it’s a rare a 44” Green Mountain  A weight swamped barrel in 32 cal.

Third;  it uses a NOS original Bud Siler flintlock.

The elm wood stock is cut in the classic Tennessee Classic profile stained light to bring out the outstanding grain in this unusual choice for a gun stock. It is unbelievably strong which makes for straight, crisp lines.  It’ hard as a rock and does not take stain well, so this is about as dark as it gets.

This lighter stained wood and contrasting dark grain is accented by the rich chocolate matt brown of the metal finishes on the barrel, lock and trim. We’ve even added a steel nose cap to prevent any chance of ever splitting.

Green Mountain hasn’t made these 32 cal barrels in years and Colerain hasn’t either. Everyone knows a 32 is the perfect caliber for those pesky little squirrels and the swamped A profile makes for light weight and great balance on a long sight plane.

The original Bud Siler flintlock was assembled from New Old Stock parts from an estate sale, and function just like new. It is tripped by double set triggers and fires into a drilled and coned vent located in the “sunrise” position at the top plane of the pan for lightning fast ignition.

This is a brand new rifle recently completed for us by Kevin Blevins. You won’t find a nicer or more unique small caliber squirrel rifle than this one.

We’re proud to be able to offer it for your consideration for a modest $1599