F-269 Early Penn Blanket Gun


Sometimes really nice guns would get damaged in a skirmish or left broken on the battlefield.

Since nothing went to waste, they were repurposed into a new weapon and put back into use.

This newly built blanket gun is a good example of exactly that.

It is a nicely made early Penn gun done in the style of Isaac Haines that was shortened to a hand held weapon that could be hung from a saddle or slung over a shoulder and kept hidden under a cloak or blanket.  Hence the term “blanket gun”.

This is a left handed smooth rifle in 28 ga. (54 cal smooth).  Its octagon to round  barrel has been shortened to  14” and given a faux Damascus finish. It is resting in a curly maple stock with the remains of some very nice carving showing that this was a very nice gun before its necessary shortening.

The lock of choice is a large left Siler flintlock firing into a drilled and coned vent by means of a simple plated trigger. The trim is in antiqued brass and includes a large button on the shortened stock to hold the woven sash sling.  When held at arms length to fire, it really doesn’t  matter if it’s left or right.

These unusual little guns are always a conversation starter (or ender) and this is a nice one.

It’s brand new and unfired so it’s looking for its first home. You can take it home for only $599.