F-268 French Fusil de Chase


This recently completed French Fusil de Chase (Gun of the Hunt) is an example of a French Tulle Trade gun restocked in the colonies in nice curly maple. T.M. Hamiltons book “Colonial Frontier Guns” shows examples of these restocked fusils with recycled parts since nothing went to waste in those times.

The new stock is in CM-4 curly maple shaped in the familiar French Tulle style with the distinctive pleasing curved shape that made it so popular. “Une fois qu’ils en auroient cannula difference, on ne pourvoit plus leur en faire accepter d’autres” (once they know the difference, they will not accept anything else”)

It is inlet for a 41” tapered octagon to round  barrel in 20 gauge. These top quality American made barrels are drilled and reamed from 4140 barrel steel by E.R. Shaw and lathe turned and still hold the NMLRA record in the 100 yard off hand match. The front sight is a small silver blade.

The lock is the RE Davis French Tulle flintlock with the banana shaped plate styled from an original but with modern internals. It throws a shower of sparks directly into a drilled and coned vent just like the originals. It is tripped by a simple trigger housed in a slotted brass plate.

The fusil is trimmed in iron as were most of these trade guns and finished in a rich matt brown. It has been antiqued and nicely matches the antiqued finish on the stock. This brand new gun is nicely made, historically correct and extremely versatile. It is legal for NMLRA smooth bore competition and a favorite for woods walks. It’s ready for its first owner and can be yours for a modest $1899.