F-267 Lehigh Valley 36


We get a lot of requests for small caliber squirrel and target rifles but they never last long on this site. Here is a newly completed 36 caliber Lehigh Valley rifle that won’t be on here long either.


This sweet little gun is a nicely built, rather simple gun, with all the good stuff and great looks too.     The gentle curves and flowing lines of these Lehigh Valley guns make them a real favorite. This one is done in CM-2 Curly maple and trimmed in brass.

At its heart is a 13/16 x 42” Colerain barrel in 36 caliber with a 1×48 rate of twist.

The lock of choice is the L&R Durs Egg flintlock featuring a stirruped forged mainspring, rain proof pan and roller frizzen with bridle.

Davis #4 Double set triggers give lightning fast ignition for sure fire accuracy. They fire a shower of sparks directly into a drilled and coned vent located perfectly in the “Sunrise” position above the pan.

The brass trim has been polished to a semi matt finish so as not to scare game away.

The CM-2 curly maple stock has been finished in a Madder root red stain so popular in that area. The length of pull is 14” to fit today’s average shooter. It comes up smooth and right on target. The front sight is a silver blade in a brass base and the rear is a cast flat top Penn style for quick sight acquisition.

The stock has been antiqued by lightening in the areas of wear and darkened in the protected areas. This gives a great older worn look with lots of depth and helps highlight the great lines of this gun.

The brass trim has been antiqued too. This is not a poor boy. It has all the amenities of a fine rifle including the unique Rupp style butt plate, side plate, entry thimble, and nose cap.

You’ll love the smooth looks and feel of this fine new rifle.

We’re proud to offer it for your consideration at a modest $1599.