F-266 Rupp style 50


This beautiful Rupp style gun was built by George Turner for his late wife so they could rendezvous and shoot together. It never got used much and was only shot a couple dozen times. It was religiously cleaned and spent most of its life in a gun safe. Now it’s time for a new owner and it could be you.

The nose weight was kept down by using a 7/8 x 36” Green Mountain barrel and slimming the Rupp profile to a thin delicate shape that looks great and is easy to hold.

The stock is Grade 4 curly maple stained in a rich Cordovan reddish brown and sealed in multiple coats of hand rubbed Tung oil.

The lock of choice is the L&R Classic flint featuring the lightning fast stirruped mainspring and roller frizzen firing into an internally coned vent liner.

The trigger is a hand forged plain plated trigger with a high pin fulcrum for an sure and easy pull at 13½”.  Brass trim is in the Rupp style with a gently curved butt and a width of only 1 ¼”.

This fine rifle has been nicely carved in relief around the lock, tang, entry, wrist and cheek.There are additional slimming lines incorporated in the fore arm and butt.

This a very nicely made rifle with great lines that has seen little use and been very well cared for

 We’re proud to offer it for your consideration at a modest $1399.