F-263 Indian Canoe Gun


We took this great little canoe gun in on trade at the CLA show in Lexington Ky.

We loved the great antiqued look even if some of the trim was handmade and incorrect.

We couldn’t wait to get it back to the shop and change the pieces to something more period correct.

These North West Trade Guns were built to a pattern and we have all the right stuff so it was a quick fix.

This Canoe gun uses a 24” octagon to round barrel with a wedding band and is in the popular 20 gauge. It is inlet to a walnut stock and trimmed in iron. This gun is basically brand new. The bore is brite and lock shows only a few scratches on the frizzen from our checking for function.

The stock, barrel  and trim have been antiqued to make this cool little gun look like it’s seen 100 years of use and a colorful past. The walnut stock has been lightened in areas where it would have seen a lot of handling such as the wrist and fore end. Protected areas such as the entry, lock and butt have been left darker. The barrel has been treated the same way.

This Indian Canoe Gun has been decorated, as was often done, with seed beads and brass tacks.  

The chosen lock is the L&R Queen Anne round faced fowler flintlock which closely replicates the English Trade locks of the day. It throws a shower of sparks into the pan and a drilled and coned vent. It is tripped by a simple high pinned plated trigger for an easy pull.

These guns are light in weight (at around 4 lbs) and extremely versatile. You can have a lot of fun with this little beauty at a great price. We feel we got a good deal and we can pass it on to you at only $999.