F-262 Left Verner 50


Our favorite left handed builder is George Turner. He built all of our lefties and does beautiful work.

He has asked us to sell his favorite rifle to make room for a new project. This rifle is a nice one and we’re glad to help out. This gun is not brand new but has seen very little use and very gentle care.

It is crafted in the style of Andrew Verner as an early Lehigh Valley rifle.

It uses a Green Mountain 7/8 x 42” barrel in 50 caliber inlet to a CM-4 curly maple stock and trimmed in brass. It has approximately  ¾” of cast off for a very comfortable fit. The length of pull is 14” with almost 4” of drop and a weight of 8 lbs.

The lock of choice is the polished left hand large Siler firing into a stainless steel vent liner and tripped by a simple plated trigger, high pinned for an easy pull.

The distinctive Verner brass trim uses the “Thumbnail” butt plate and this pattern is repeated in the toe plate and entry thimble.

This beautifully crafted gun comes complete with a sliding wood patch box for your possibles  and a combination of relief and incise carving. There are slimming lines carved into the fore end and from the wrist to the butt. The tang is beautifully relief carved in the popular sea shell design with beavertails behind the lock mortice.

This is a very nice gun stained in a warm whisky color and finished in multiple coats of hand rubbed Tung oil.

We’re glad to help George out and offer you a real value at a modest  $1499.