F-261 Slim Southern 40


 Everyone loves small caliber, lightweight, very slim rifles for small game hunting and target shooting.

Certain areas of the South are famous for building these pencil thin, ultra light, well balanced rifles.

Here is a brand new recently finished one that’s a dandy. At an overall weight of under five pounds they just don’t get much lighter than this. There is no place on this gun bigger than the width of a quarter , including the butt! You won’t mind carrying this one in the woods all day!

A lot of the weight reduction is in the choice of a ¾” x 42” Rice 40 cal barrel with radius groove rifling for super easy cleanup. The CM-3 Curly Maple stock has been shaved down too to compliment the ultra slim steel trim. The steel butt plate is only  1 1/8” at its widest point.

The super slim gently curved Southern trigger guard houses a Davis #4 double set trigger that trips an L&R small Manton flintlock. This great little lock beautifully sculpted internals with polished bearing surfaces, cast mainspring, stirrupped tumbler, and a rain proof  frizzen with a roller.

It throws a shower of sparks directly onto the pan and stainless steel vent for sure fire ignition.

You’ll love the looks and feel of this little beauty with its super light weight and a length of pull at only 13 ¼” and it’s a great intro gun for kids and ladies too.

We’re proud to be able to offer this brand new great little gun to you at only $1455.