F-259 Wormy 40 Poor Boy


Poor Boys have always been a favorite.

They are no nonsense guns that you can have a lot of fun with without the worry of ruining  the stock.

When you combine nice curly maple and lots of worm tracks you get a fun gun with lots of character.

This is a nice one. It’s brand new and recently completed by Chris walker.

It’s in the popular 40 cal using a Colerain 13/16 x 42” barrel with radius groove rifling so cleanup is a breeze.

The lock of choice is the L&R Classic flint with rain proof pan forged main spring and roller frizzen. It throws a shower of sparks directly into the drilled and coned vent by means of a simple plated trigger with a nice pull at 13 ¾ “

The stock is grade 4 curly maple with worm tracks mostly on the cheek side. They add a lot of character but don’t affect the integrity or strength of the stock, but it’s an interesting cosmetic feature.

This is a poor boy so it leaves off the nose piece, entry thimble and toe plate but offers a butt plate and side plate for protection. These southern style trim pieces are finished in a nice plumb brown that goes great with the medium brown stain on the stock. The wormy curly maple has been finished in multiple coats of hand rubbed oil.

This is one of those guns that will just get better with age and use. Here’s your chance to own a very unique one at a great price.

We’re proud to be able to offer it to you at a great price at only $1399.