F-258 Virginia 50


Virginia Rifles have always been popular and this one has a lot of extras that make it special. This recently completed gun by Charlie Chalk is brand new and unfired and waiting for its first owner.

At its heart is a custom  Colerain 44” swamped octagon to round B weight rifled barrel in 50 caliber. With a barrel weight of less than 4.5 lbs this is a very comfortable rifle with great balance. The length of pull is set at 13 ¾”. The flat top rear sight lines up easily with the brass blade sight in front.

The custom Colerain barrel mated to a stock of grade three curly maple and trimmed in iron. The stock is finished in a medium brown and sealed in multiple coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil for a nice hard finish.

The lock of choice is the L&R Queen Anne Fowler lock featuring a rain proof pan, deep rain gutters and turned bearing surfaces. It throws a shower of sparks directly  into a stainless steel internally coned vent.  It is tripped by a simple plated trigger secured by a tang bolt from above.

This fine rifle has an early Virginia three piece Patch box to carry your patches, jag, vent pick or extra tools. It is nicely velvet lined.

This Virginia style steel trim has been finished in a rich plumb brown for great dark early look. The butt plate is very gently curved and nice and wide for a great comfortable fit and the perfect look for this early style rifle.

It’s perfect for hunting and authentic for re enacting. It’s great balance make it a good target shooter too. We’re proud to offer it to you at a modest $1599.