F-257 Jack Garner Limited Edition 50


When Jack Garner announced he and Brian Turner were going to collaborate on a limited edition run of the first rifle they built together, we jumped at the opportunity to be first in line.

Jack presented this beautiful #3 Southern Mountain Rifle to me in Friendship this year along with a certificate of its authenticity. This will be a limited edition run of only 25 made.

 Each one is signed by both Jack Garner and Brian Turner and each one has a German Silver thumb piece engraved with its build number. This one is #3 Jack now owns and operates Tennessee Valley Manufacturing and Brian has built a fine reputation as an established contemporary builder.

The results of their efforts are a handsome Southern Rifle hand shaped from P++ curly maple and trimmed in steel just as it was back in the day. It is finished in a Cordovan brown stain and multiple coats of hand rubbed oil.

This is not a “poor boy”. It comes complete with a butt plate, side plate and a flared Schnauble nose rather than a steel nose cap.

The lock is the tried and true L&R Small Manton flintlock featuring a stirruped main spring, rain proof pan with deep rain gutters, roller frizzen, and turned bearing surfaces. It throws a shower of sparks directly into the stainless steel vent perfectly placed in the sunrise position of the pan. It fires by way of adjustable double set triggers from L&R.

This one is in 50 cal using a 7/8 x 42” Colerain barrel with a flat top cast rear sight and a cast blade up front. The length of pull is set at 13 ¾”. The Southern Style steel trim is finished in a rich plumb brown finish.

You can enjoy using this fine rifle and relaying its rich history or just add it to your collection and let it grow in value.

We are Proud to be able to offer this “One Of A Kind” rifle to you at a very modest price at only $1599.